Welcome to Sage Blue

Business led, People driven

At Sage Blue we are business led, people driven. Operating at the intersection between where leadership and management is today and where it needs to be for a successful tomorrow.

Supporting executives in organisations across the globe, to become better leaders, develop engaged, productive and agile workforces and build cultures to attract the human capital essential to drive business growth and productivity.

Organisations are transforming

Today’s workplace is changing fast and too unpredictably to rely on centuries old organisational structures. The DNA of large companies is being rewritten giving way to a culture of rapid adaptability. 


Look beyond the traditional

With our healthy disregard for the conventional, we stimulate you to look beyond the traditional to find new and effective ways of managing and developing the human capital within your orgnisation.

Sage Blue is small enough for personal attention, large enough to support organisational wide implementations. 

Thought provoking

Welcome to our space on the web. It is designed to give you a flavour of what we do, our philosophy and approach. 


Sue Liburd

Sue Liburd

Founder and Managing Director

"I learnt more about myself in the past three days than in a long time. I have developed a better inner self belief and look forward to my team attending..."