Are you as fanatical about developing talent as we are?


Are you interested in creating company growth and achieving profitable results through the development of your people? If so - welcome to Sage Blue. We take a human-centered design based approach to helping people (talent) within organisations innovate, develop fresh thinking, adopt new behaviours & capabilities.

Have you noticed?

A silent war is taking place in corporations across the globe. It's a war about attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

You know - the smart, sophisticated people that are technologically savvy, globally astute, operationally agile and who are essential for your business growth.

We operate at the intersection between where that talent is today and where you need them to be tomorrow.

Fanatical about talent development as a means for business growth, we create impact through engaging bespoke development.

Look beyond the traditional

With our healthy disregard for the conventional, we stimulate you to look beyond the traditional to find new and effective ways of doing things. Sage Blue is small enough for personal attention, large enough to support organisational wide implementations. 

Thought provoking

This space is designed to give you a flavour of how we deliver our services and an indication to whom. Enjoy your time with us and be sure to visit our blog  - sticky meme.

Sue Liburd

Sue Liburd

Founder and Managing Director

"An engaging and challenging few days which makes you explore areas you never knew you needed to - plus I've got some fantastic tools to use..."