An Award Winning Consultancy

Founded on a vision

"Create a boutique Organisational Development Practice with global reach that inspires & transforms workplace thinking and behaviours." 

The result

16 years later - We have worked across the globe, on a diverse range of commissions and in a wide variety of regulatory environments. We have acquired a high level of expertise in human capital consulting and the design and delivery of participative, engaging masterclass style education.

Our alchemic roots

Sage (1) very wise person (2) plant used for cleansing and creating an atmosphere of well being. It refreshes the mind and enhances memory. Burning sage supports the path to wisdom and mental clarity. Every sage plant has the power to cleanse negative influences at the very deepest levels.

Blue (1) the vibrational frequency for the 5th Chakra, the energy of communication, self-expression and creativity through sound. When balanced a person has the ability to communicate effectively, confidently and in a compelling way. (2) colour of the flowers of the aromatic white sage and African incense sage plant.

"I've changed. I now listen more, ask precise questions, coach as opposed to just manage and I've stopped jumping in with the quick solution..."